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Eric Wells Memorial Foundation Benefit Ride

Helping children at the Dayspring Center Homeless Shelter

Registration begins at 8 am with kickstands up at 10 am. Registration discount and skip check-in lines by pre-registering online. Free t-shirt for the first 50 participants.

Day of event: $25 for riders, $10 for passengers.

About Eric Wells Memorial Foundation

The Eric Wells Memorial Foundation was created to honor Eric Wells' compassion and consideration for others. On August 06, 2010 Eric was struck by a drunk driver while he was on his motorcycle and did not survive. During the short time he was with us, he touched many lives through his kindness. Shortly after the tragedy, to remember Eric and keep his passion alive to help those less fortunate, contributions in excess of $6,000 were collected for the Fred Perry Bike Run for Kids. A few months later the Eric Wells Memorial Foundation was established to continue his charity efforts.

The Foundation’s objective is to do the good deeds and services that Eric would have accomplished. It strives to improve the lives of under-privileged kids especially those affected by substance abuse. Through advocacy, providing educational resources, and assisting in community service projects we continue Eric’s kindness.

Although Eric is no longer physically here, he continues to live in our memories and especially in our hearts. Forever, he will be missed.

About Dayspring Center

Dayspring Center provides emergency shelter, clothing, and three nourishing meals-a-day for homeless families with children in central Indiana. Families turn to us as a last resort; some to escape domestic abuse, others have experienced financial collapse, medical problems, or other crises that caused them to lose their home.

Dayspring effectively works to combat and prevent family homelessness by first, meeting their most immediate needs for food and shelter, then working with each family to address the issues that led them to their homelessness.

When it comes to homelessness, results are what matter most. Eighty percent (80%) of residents who complete the program at Dayspring Center move directly into permanent housing.


  • Shelter, feed, clothe, and assist homeless families with children of central Indiana.
  • Empower residents to become independent, self-supportive families again.
  • Work together with all sectors in our community to establish continuing financial and volunteer support.
  • Provide Dayspring Center’s services to all—regardless of ethnic or cultural heritage, income, health, or creed.


  • Last year, Dayspring Center assisted more than 150 families.
  • 70% of residents who complete our programs move directly into permanent housing.
  • 75% of residents enrolled in our follow-up program remain housed after 6 months of living away from shelter services.

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